Mahogany furniture


Our mahogany furniture collections are very popular in europe such as, United kingdom, french, spanish, italian and some other states. because we have a wide range of collection that is in demand there, and the most important thing is that we consistently build high-quality mahogany furniture.

Our mahogany collection including; mahogany village, Mahogany empire, mahogany safari, mahogany lattics, Mahogany victorian, mahogany military.

Our mahogany furniture made of 100% plantation mahogany wood from legal Indonesian state forestry company (perhutani), we oven with kiln dry up to 6%, we build with very good quality of glue and finger joint joinery system, we protect it with anti-insect, and we're finishing with a beautiful natural colors, showing the beauty of wood grains, so that our furniture durable, and safe.


Mahogany furniture 100% export quality
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